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Ensuring operations remain on track

What We Can Do

Real Time Fuel Monitoring

Remotely monitor your railway fleet’s fuel consumption within an accuracy of +-2% to provide fleet operators with insights to lower their fuel usage.

Maximise Timetable Efficiency

KabzyRail monitors the location and activity of your fleet in real time by creating virtual zones around each station within your rail network.

Monitor Track Condition

KabzyRail identifies discrepancies along your railway via remote rail inspection technology, notifying you of any inconsistencies as they happen.

KabzyRail is a technology company that provides innovative telematics solutions to the rail industry.

We strive to deliver cutting-edge solutions to an industry with large potential for growth through smart, micro-innovation.

Live Fuel-Monitoring

Obtain real-time measurements of your fleets fuel-levels

With KabzyRail’s unique rail fuel sensors we can accurately determine fuel levels and total fuel consumption before, during and after trips to support efficient fuel usage, in turn reducing fuel costs

Remote Rail-Inspection

Locate any wear and tear in your railway line via KabzyRail’s track diagnosis technology

See reports on even the smallest discrepancies on your railroad allowing you to eliminate any possibility of set-backs by identifying and mending faults before they become exacerbated

Live GPS Tracking

KabzyRail provides live rail position monitoring directly to your PC via KabzyRail’s cloud platform

Through real-time tracking, you can monitor track-points of your fleet nationwide Additionally, view history of trips made including details of trip activity such as speed, engine on time, idle time etc

Geo Fence

Set virtual perimeter around the stations within your network and monitor the frequency your train(s) remain within station zones, while receiving alerts as they enter/leave

Through this detailed reports can be generated on train activity thus improving overall timetable efficiency

Activity History

See detailed records of railway fleet’s trip history through KabzyRail’s journey records by Geo-Fencing your stations Determine speed, braking, arrival, departure, idle time and output values via KabzyRail’s cloud platform

The data KabzyRail provides has the capacity to improve timetable scheduling by monitoring accurate station activity of your rail fleet

Energy Monitoring
(For Electrically Powered Trains)

Obtain real-time measurements of your fleets electrical output. KabzyRail can connect to your fleets energy meters to provide remote measurements of energy output (kw/h) in real-time

Your output details can be displayed remotely to your PC with the aim of supporting efficient energy saving processes and incidentally reducing your fleets overall energy usage

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